Kistimaat (2014) - Full Length Bengali Movie

The film KISTIMAAT tells the story of a fearless police officer “Durjay”, who loves fun. All of a sudden he had a conflict with a drug dealing lord “Lion Robi”. At the end of the story Durjay discovers that, Lion is somehow involved with his past.

Movie Name: KISTIMAAT | কিস্তিমাত
Cast: Arifin Shuvoo, Achol, Misha Sawdagor, Tiger Robi, Habib Khan, Afzal Shorif, Rebeka, Mirakkel Shojol, Zadu Azad, Subroto
Director: Ashiqur Rahman
Story, Script and Dialogues: Kashem Ali Dulal
Production: Tiger Media
Distribution: The Abhi Kathachitra
DOP : Ashiqur Rahman
Lyrics: Zahid Hasan Abhi
Music Composers: Shouquat Ali Imon, Imran, Naved & Suchi Sams
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